Become a Mason

Freemasonry is a fraternity of brothers who share one common goal: to help each other become better men. We strengthen and improve our character by learning and practicing basic virtues of fraternal love, charity, and truth.
Our principles extend far beyond our interactions with each other, and we strive to apply them to our daily lives. All who join Freemasonry must declare their belief in the existence of a Supreme Being, and practice their own personal faith, but the fraternity is neither a religion nor a place to worship. Rather, it is a place where men of all monotheistic creeds can meet and focus on the great truths of peaceful human interaction that are common to all religions. 
There are three lodges who operate out of the Altoona Masonic Hall.  Feel free to contact anyone of the Secretaries to learn more about becoming a Freemason.
Mountain Lodge No. 281
Logan Lodge No. 490
Hiram Lodge No. 616